Here you will find a collection of articles related to kite flying and kite surfing.

Kite surfing and the gambling industry will present the links between these two apparently different activities. The competitions, the prizes and the best placed on certain riders have their equivalent in the social tournaments organized in the gambling industry.

The joy of power kiting explains briefly this majestic sports and the sense of freedom it gives to the people that dare to learn its secrets.

The basics of power kiting explains how the controllers of the kite work, what are the correct moves and when should they be executed.

Learning to control the kite page gives important explanations on how you should correctly launch the kite, which is the correct use of the wind window, and where are the best places to start learning on those jump moves.

The competitive spirit makes a parallel between the risks taken by kite surfing and gambling. Mostly, kitesurfing poses a life risk, while wagering a financial risk. When practiced, both activities involve a high rate of calculation and awareness of the rules of the game, in order to win or to successfully land after a great flight.

Types of kites presents the main designs and their individual uses, and recommendations for advanced or beginner users.

Kiteboarding at the beach presents the hybrid sports between kite flying and the gymnastics. This activity is mainly practiced at the windy sea sides with powerful waves.

If you got all excited on reading about kiteboarding and kitesurfing, the last article gives you some tips on how to organize a trip to practice the sports.