The Joy of Power Kiting

alpha_25_beginner_power_kite_largePower kiting is a fun activity, which can increase your adrenalin levels. Kites have the power to lift you off from the ground, allowing you to fly. Power kites are the larger versions of the kites that you see children playing with in the parks. Knowing and controlling this instrument can and will take some time, as it is one of the most dangerous sports. Even if it seems like a simple sport to learn, in the beginning, there is much science behind it, if you want to practice it and stay alive. The small kites rises pretty fast in the air, but if they catch the wrong masses of air, it will come crashing down. Imagine what will happen if someone is actually flying it, and it misses the lift with the air masses. Beginners should choose to start with a 4 to 5 square meters kite, as it is the most versatile size for all weather conditions. Professionals choose smaller kites for winding conditions and larger for the calm weather.

The kite has a similar controlling mechanism as its toy version. But the real thing should not be looked at as a game, but taken very seriously. A kite has two sets of commands, the usual control and break lines, attached at front and rear of the joystick like controllers. There is a set for each hand. Additionally, there are two waist straps which are to be used only in case of emergency, as over controllers for steering the direction of the kite in left or right.

As the kite cannot be used anywhere, but only where the winds are blowing in enough mass to be able to lift the kite, it gives a sense of freedom and bird like sensation to all that dare to surpass the fear and learn its tricks and secrets.