Kitesurfing and the Gambling Industry

north-kiteboarding-2016-rebel-kite-jump-girl-divingKitesurfing is a naturally recreational and healthy activity, intended for anyone that prefers to spend some quality time outdoors. This activity can be looked at from many points of view. There is the group of people who are passionate about the building of kites, groups who prefer to test their skills on the field, of course the professionals who practice this sport regularly, and the ones preferring to look at the professionals’ performance while placing wagers on the outputs of the championships.

One such event is WKT, The World Kite Tour, which organises kitesurfing and kiteboarding events and championships all over the world. WKT is a highly specialised association, which updates, completes and publishes its own rules each year, around the first days in January. All the competitions are supervised and sanctioned by a higher authority, World Sailing – ISAF. The rule handbook contains general rules valid for all disciplines, and specific rules for each discipline.

This sport is gaining that much appreciation and followers, so much so that from 2018 on, it will become part of the Youth Olympics games, taking place in Buenos Aires. In 2013 the ISAF spring meeting decided to include a golden medal for kitesurfing in 2020 and 2024, for both men and women.

Being an international competition, sponsored and broadcasted live and on the television, there is always an open possibility to place wagers on certain sponsors or riders. Some of the biggest and top-of-the-class riders can receive prizes between €10,000 and €50,000. When a sport is rewarded with five digit prize in money always attract the bets of many people that watch breathless their performance. Some prefer to challenge themselves for these large sums of money in the free social slot tournaments organised by jackpot city, one of the great name in the Australian industry.

The importance of this sport is attested worldwide. The competition rises, both for the professionals who practice the sport, and the watchers who will certainly continue to wager.